Guide to Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids


If you handle flammable and combustible liquids at your workplace, it is important to ensure their proper storage. Seemingly small incidences at the workplace can lead to huge fire disaster due to improper storage of flammable liquids like automotive fluids, oils and paint thinners. Any employees that handle these liquids should be trained on how to handle and store them properly.

Since the vapors of flammable liquids can easily catch fire, their storage is extremely important. Before storage, you should determine the classification of the liquid. From there, check that the liquids have been stored in the proper containers. The containers should be made of the right material and be of the right size. The liquid hazard classification will determine the type of container it should be stored in. There are also quantity limits that should be adhered to. Refer to the local fire code regulations to know of the limits of the different chemicals you may have.

How to Select a Flammable Liquid Storage Container
Flammable and combustible liquids should be stored in specially made storage cabinets. These cabinets should be made of stainless steel and be double walled on the top, sides and bottom. The door of the cabinets should be at least a few inches off the ground to ensure that any liquid spillages remain in the cabinet.

There are various types of storage cabinets made for storage of flammable liquids. When storing the liquids in the cabinets, ensure they are in their appropriate safety cans. The cans should have spring-loaded lids and internal screens to prevent the liquids from catching fire.

It is not advisable to store flammable liquids in large polypropylene containers with valves or stopcocks at the bottom. These stopcocks can easily break and expose the stored liquids to outside elements, potentially leading to fires. Flammable liquids should also not be stored in a domestic or standard freezer or refrigerator. If the chemical liquids have to be frozen or chilled, they should be stored in freezers or refrigerators that have been specially designed to be spark proof.

Store Flammable Liquids in the Right Location
Finally, carefully consider the location where you will be storing the liquids. Avoid storing the liquids in areas that are in direct sunlight or near sources of heat. Moreover, make sure the storage area are well ventilated.

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